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Based on pricing published on Australian websites 15/01/2010. Cost per 6x4 photo scan at 300dpi.

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Which Resolution Am I?

If resolution has you puzzled, we can help. Here is a handy guide to help you choose the right resolution for scanning your photos.


About Resolution

Resolution describes the amount of detail collected from a photo during the scanning process. It is much the same as the number of megapixels recorded by a digital camera. The higher the number of megapixels (or resolution), the more detail captured in the photo and the bigger the image file will be.

Choosing a resolution that is right for you:
Depending on how you plan to use the digital images, there are two resolutions to choose from: Standard and HIGH. For some applications, standard resolution will be just fine, while for others, you’ll get the best result by choosing HIGH resolution.

Standard Resolution

Scans produced standard resolution are approximately equivalent to a 2 megapixel digital photo (for a 6x4 original). This resolution is ideal for: reprinting, sending by email, or viewing on your home PC.

High Resolution

Scans produced at HIGH resolution are approximately equivalent to an 8 megapixel digital photo (for a 6x4 original). This resolution is recommended for: enlargements, cropping, and restoration.

The following sample scans provide a guide of the digital image size for each resolution.

Resolutions Guide
Standard High
Photos 300 dpi Click Example 600 dpi Click Example
Slides 2000 dpi Click Example 4000 dpi Click Example
Negatives 2000 dpi Click Example 4000 dpi Click Example
And more… 300 dpi Click Example 600 dpi Click Example

You’ll find that slides and negatives need to be scanned at a much higher resolution than photos to produce the same size digital image, for the simple reason that slides and negatives are smaller.


Resolution Recommendation

Your Application Standard High
Reprinting (same size) check check
Printing 6 x 4 check check
Enlargements check
Full page print check
Cropping check
Email check
Recolour check check
Restoration check
Share Online check
Small photos < 6 x 4 check
Polaroids check
Slide Shows check check
Photo books – small check
Photo books – large check
Your Application Standard High
Safe keeping check check
Newspaper clippings check
Scrapbooks (12 x 12”) check
Album pages check
Letters and cards check
Certificates check
More… check check

Top 5 FAQ’s

1. How much does scanning cost?
In comparison to alternative options, we provide a scanning service that delivers high quality digital images for an affordable price. To see a price list for scanning, visit scanning pricing.
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2. How should I send my photos?
After placing your order, pack your photos into a sturdy box and send them to the Remba Scanning Centre, via registered post, courier or drop them into a Remba agent.Learn more
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3. What file type are the digital images?
Digital images are provided in JPG (or JPEG) format, the industry standard for digital images and it is the format used by most digital cameras.
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4. What software do you use for photo scanning?
Our trained technicians use Adobe Photoshop software to scan, analyse, crop, rotate and colour enhance your digital images. This includes a range of proprietary tools developed to produce high quality digital images from your photos, slides and negatives.
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5. I'm ready! How do I place my order?
You can place an order online, with an easy ordering system and a selection of secure payment options: Order now
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