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High quality scans and industry-leading value.

Based on pricing published on Australian websites 15/01/2010. Cost per 6x4 photo scan at 300dpi.

remba imaging

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[And More Scanning] If you'd like to make a digital scan of something a little different, we can help.  Create high quality digital images from scrapbook pages, old letters, certificates, artwork, and more.

Scrapbook Scanning

If you would like to scan something a little different, we can help. We can scan your scrapbook pages, certificates, artwork, and more.

Make digital scans of things never previously possible: scrapbook pages, photo album pages, certificates, and more. A large range of sizes, thicknesses, shapes and most types of original. Also see ourphoto scanning, slide scanning and negative scanning services.

  • Scan Almost Anything!
  • Up to A3 Size
  • Standard or High Resolution
  • Unbeatable Value
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Examples of other Media

Whether you have a scrapbook, an old document or perhaps something a little different, there's likely to be a scanning solution that can help. Once scanned to digital, your original can be shared, reprinted, safely stored, and much, much more. If you're unsure, contact us and we'll try to help.

Scrapbooks, Letters, Full Photo Album Pages, Newspaper and Magazine Clippings, Artwork, Certificates

Choice of Resolution

The choice of resolution generally depends on how you plan to use the images. When scanning at A3 size (42.0 x 29.7cm), standard resolution (300 dpi) is recommended for most applications, due to the resulting file size. If you have a special requirement, HIGH resolution (600 dpi) is also available.

For more information on resolution, see: Which resolution am I?


Standard Resolution
For a full A3 scan, this is approximately equivalent to a 17 megapixel digital photo. Ideal for:


High Resolution
For a full A3 scan, this is approximately equivalent to a 69 megapixel digital photo! Recommended for:

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No more stitching

Stitching is a technique that is sometimes used to 'extend' the capacity of a home A4 scanner. This is achieved by taking two A4 scans, each half of the original, and joining (or stitching) them together with software. The result is what appears to be a single image.

Using this process can be fine for some basic applications; however the result is often a low quality image with a visible flaw, when examined more closely. The example shown here was taken from a 12' square scrapbook page.

To produce high quality images that recreate the original in the finest detail, let us help scan your originals as a single image.


How it works

Order, Process, Receive 7-10 Days

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Top 5 FAQ’s

1. How much does scanning cost?
In comparison to alternative options, we provide a scanning service that delivers high quality digital images for an affordable price. To see a price list for scanning, visit scanning pricing.
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2. How should I send my photos?
After placing your order, pack your photos into a sturdy box and send them to the Remba Scanning Centre, via registered post, courier or drop them into a Remba agent.Learn more
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3. What file type are the digital images?
Digital images are provided in JPG (or JPEG) format, the industry standard for digital images and it is the format used by most digital cameras.
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4. What software do you use for photo scanning?
Our trained technicians use Adobe Photoshop software to scan, analyse, crop, rotate and colour enhance your digital images. This includes a range of proprietary tools developed to produce high quality digital images from your photos, slides and negatives.
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5. I'm ready! How do I place my order?
You can place an order online, with an easy ordering system and a selection of secure payment options: Order now
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