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Based on pricing published on Australian websites 15/01/2010. Cost per 6x4 photo scan at 300dpi.

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Terms And Conditions

We aim to provide our customers with a unique and enriching experience, through helping them to use their photos in new and innovative ways.

At Remba, we endeavour to provide you with the highest standard of service. In doing so, when you visit our website, or request products or services from us, you agree to accept our terms of business.

The following conditions apply to and are deemed to be incorporated in all contracts for the sale of products and services to you by Remba. If you would like to ask a question about this policy, you can send it by email or post:

Post: Remba Imaging
4/73 Troy Terrace
WA 6014

This policy was last revised on January 28, 2010.

Trademarks and Copyrights

The photos, images, text, and other content available on our website belong to us or are licensed to us for our exclusive use. Unless you've received permission from us, in writing, to use any of the content on our website, you may not. We may also revoke permission to use our content at any time and for any reason.

You agree that images or material you send us, either physically or electronically, belong to you or you have the proper rights or have been given permission to use them.


By visiting our website, or requesting products or services from us, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Remba and its partners, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, consultants, and employees from any and all claims and expenses, including legal expenses, arising from your use of Remba products and services.

Terms of Payment

By submitting a request for products or services, you agree to pay the charges you incur before your photos and/or other media are returned to you. You agree that the request for products or services you submit includes an estimate of the charges only and your final charges may be more or less depending on the actual number and types of materials submitted, or services and products provided. We are not responsible for any over the limit, overdraft or other bank fees you may incur from your bank as the result of our charging your credit or debit card.

Unless otherwise agreed, all jobs must be submitted within 14 days of deposit or the deposit becomes non-refundable. Alternatively, you may cancel the job and receive your deposit back within 14 days of making the deposit.

Limitations of Liability

Our expenses and restitutions for lost or damaged materials while in our possession can never exceed the raw cost of the materials or $200, whichever is less. We are not liable nor responsible for any materials not in our possession. Items lost or damaged while in transit are the responsibility of the carrier's company and are subject to that company's terms. Furthermore, we are neither liable nor responsible for late delivery or non-delivery of products or services.

By submitting a request for products or services, you understand and agree that the submission of any photos and/or other media to Remba, and the download or upload of any material through the website is done at your own discretion and risk and that you will be solely responsible for any loss or damage to your photos, and any damage to your computer system or loss of data that may result in the download or upload of any material. Remba does not assume any responsibility for any loss, physical, or personal damage, or any other type of damage that may in any way result from the use of its products or services. Remba shall assume neither responsibility nor liability, for damage, loss, delay or irregularity to persons or property in connection with third parties over which Remba has no control.

Except as expressly provided in the preceding paragraphs, to the fullest extent allowed by law, Remba (its owners, associates, agents and employees) shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, exemplary, or punitive damages, even if Remba has been advised of the possibility of such damages.


We will try to settle any issues or complaints quickly and fairly. Any correspondence relating to an issue or complaint should be sent by email or post:

Post: Remba Imaging
4/73 Troy Terrace
WA 6014


By submitting a request for products or services, you understand and agree to accept the quality of products and services as represented in the examples on If you are not satisfied that the products and services you receive from Remba are consistent with the representations on, and you notify us within 14 days of the dispatch date, we will conduct a review. If we conclude from the review that the products or services provided are not consistent with the representations, we will provide replacement products or services, or offer you a full refund, at our discretion.